laziness with housework can make me sick!

am I obsessed with germs? I read everything there is to know about different diseases and how to prevent germ related things, like cleaning surfaces with the best cleaners. but I am NOT the cleanest person. WHAT is going on in my head??

Right now, I am recuperating from surgery, so I understand why I am not cleaning the floors and doing dishes. (I can’t get the sutures wet. DUH.) I pick up after myself.

A friend came over and saw –and SMELLED–the sink. I had 2 weeks of dishes. I was embarrassed. Then her son made a comment about the tile floor being dirty.

Even when I’m not recovering, I do not always do my housework. I blame it on being tired or my depression. I have to start writing my chores on a calender again. I have no other choice; I also forget sometimes; I have brain damage. It’s a condition, not an excuse.)


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i'm a writer who gets stuck in writing block so I thought this blog would help. will post book reviews soon!
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