random post about my ereaders! :)

A kobo was an ereader put out last year before borders went belly up. their issue with epub books is finally fixed. I got my reader authorized automatically. now I have two ereaders with 150 books on both, 40 on kindle.

and the dtb (dead tree books=paperback and hardbacks) pile  keeps growing. Books are a security blanket. there is no shame in that.

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i read to escape my neighbors

I admit that I hate my neighbors! last night they took a bird feeder they gave me. All they do is sit around and judge other. Nothing better to do huh? Truth: I hate their greed and when I tell them to leave me alone, they don;t. They're even asking me for gas money because they're broke. Neither of them give me rides. The power of NO will be on my lips forever when I talk to them. 

I read to escape my neighbors. 34 books listed and more where that came from on goodreads.com.
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random bitch

I was content last night until my loud mouth neighbor started yammering away. I asked what all the yelling was about and she claims she wasn't yelling. If I can hear her she must be...cause there is not way I can hear clear sentences with my door shut over my a/c.
 then she claims she can't afford gas for the car when she is buying 5.00 a day for a starbucks habit. She asked me for gas money when she doesn't give me rides anywhere. 
 This morning, I found an entire bread loaf on my front step. I broke half of it up for the birds. No wonder my cat was going nuts this morning!
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not feeling good

after grocery shopping, my back started to hurt. I tried to focus on a book, read a chapter each of two separate books. I took a nap.

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freaking book crazy!

want to talk book crazy? I have 415 books in my place. I have to read 75% to get any new books in. 104. I’m not a fast reader anymore. my challenge for the summer is to read 200. to read the 75% I’d have to read 16 books a week to finish my the end of summer. this challenge will last through 2011. 3 books a week; yeah right. realistically I could read 50. I’ve already read 13. (out of the 50)

(the character in the deal breaker is Myron Bolitar, my error)

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deal breaker review

i’m reading THE DEAL BREAKER by Harlan Coben. Morton Botilair. He’s a sports agent who gets involved in a murder case. His client may be involved. How does he always get into this stuff? A real developed character with his wealthy friend, Win.

I’m really enjoying how this character does cop work. Harlan Coben whips his reader in a 360 degree spin to develop intriguing plots. Creative license lets a writer do that and, remember, it’s fiction. Some points, like how police procedure works has to be factual.

Well, have to get some zzzz’s.

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book list for summer!


I found this blog when I came here to write about how sore I am through coping with surgery.
The blogger has a list of books she will read during the summer. I guess I have been doing that on goodreads.com. Listing books I’m reading.

LM Montgomery =Emily of New Moon series/Anne of Green Gables series
Laura Ingalls Wilder series
Pipi Longstocking
and Pipi’s teen self by Steig Larson=the Girl Who series
Curious George
Winnie the Pooh=AA Milne
finish It and The Stand=Stephen King

check out goodreads.com for other book recommendations. It’s never too late to get out of yourself.

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